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The Royalty Business Group provides premium coaching services specializing in the areas of Financial and Retirement to grow and empower our clients to meet their goals. We know this can only be done through a shift in mindset - changing thoughts and behaviors that will lead to clients accomplishing their goals.  This is achieved by identifying barriers (fears and habits) that have kept us stuck, how they developed, steps to overcome the barriers and create our legacy. 

We offer virtual one-on-one and group sessions that allow our clients to gain greater perspectives to be able to expand their cultural and generational viewpoints. We connect and engage in topic-based discussions and assessments. We provide guidance, support, and growth in a confidential safe environment. Whether you engage in a long term or one-time session, our clients have the ability to select what works best for their needs. Our satisfaction at the Royalty Business Group is seeing others develop, strengthening confidence, building trust, and helping others experience new ideas and insights.

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Sharon Harrell

Sharon is certified as a Financial and Retirement Coach.  She focuses on empowering her clients through trusted partnership. Sharon coaches her clients in a way that utilizes both their heads and their hearts. The techniques Sharon has developed are successful that friends and family began asking for help with their own challenges. 

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3937 1/2 Minnesota Ave NE; P.O. Box 63950; Washington DC  20029


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